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The GENIAX Career Training Program stands out not only as the most comprehensive Tactical Firearms Instructor program available on the international marketplace but also as the one that assures unparalleled support and seamless integration for new instructors entering the workforce.

This program offers the most advanced and innovative tools for those who want to work successfully in the private and government security training sector.

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What is included

Transfers from/to Airport/Training Facilities/Hotel

Participation in the 18 DAY Training Course

Full equipment including weapon systems

Food and accommodation (3 meals a day - accommodation in a room with other students)

Certificates (participation or achievement)

Access to the training facilities

4 t-shirts + 2 polo-shirts

✅ Badge of recognition of the title of instructor, issued by the SSCS for the duration of 3 years (

✅ Instructor KIT

✅ 12 months Marketing Support Kit

12 months Business Strategy Support Kit

Business Set Up

GENIAX Affiliate Status

✅ 12 months SSCS Approved Training Center Status

✅ 3 years SSCS Approved Trainer Status

✅ Management and Marketing Kit

The GENIAX Career Training Program IS NOT FOR YOU if you want to be one of many, being paid like everyone else. In this case go get trained by one of the thousands of schools on the international market!

The GENIAX Career Training Program IS FOR YOU if you want to be one of the successful few!

The GENIAX Career Training Program IS FOR YOU if you are highly ambitious and aspire to be part of an Elite of successful people standing out from the crowd.

💥 Follow others to be just an instructor, with us you will become your own manager. Invest in this program and turn your skills and personal brand into a highly profitable asset.


The course is aimed at Individuals who already work or would like to start working as instructors in the private security sector;

Also aimed at those looking for an experience of tactical, technical and psychological growth. A path aimed at achieving the right mindset, and the highest levels of knowledge and effectiveness.

A unique and unmissable experience that can only be had at the GENIAX Counter Terror Academy and the BUSHI Tactics.

What sets our program apart from the competition is our unique approach to career development.

We provide our students with business and entrepreneurship training, in addition to tactical instruction.

This prepares them to not only excel in their careers but also to start their own successful businesses as firearms instructors.

Our program includes a mentorship program with industry experts who have decades of experience in firearms instruction and counter-terror tactics. This provides our students with a rare opportunity to learn from the best in the field and gain invaluable insights and guidance.


Upon successfully passing technical assessments, the candidate will attain teaching qualifications commensurate with their assigned level. An Experts Commission evaluates the candidate's performance throughout the course, determining their instructor level aligned with GENIAX's progression scheme.

The teaching qualification, officially recognized by the SSCS Security Skills Certification Scheme, includes the issuance of a certificate and a professional badge. Newly certified instructors may join GENIAX's staff and instructor team, participating in training activities as assistant instructors. They will be allocated a specific territory, supported by management and fellow instructors based on trainee numbers.

Furthermore, instructors may be deployed, as needed, for courses in different territories and internationally. The instructor's name, level, and license status will be prominently displayed on the official GENIAX website, showcasing their accreditation within the organization.


Limited Penetration is the room clearing method developed and perfected by Israel to manage and resolve with maximum security the episodes of great danger resulting from terrorist attacks. We will teach how to "clean" a room without being forced into it, keeping the operator safe and secure throughout the action.

It's the most effective, fastest and safest system in threat management, keeping operators safe in the excited moments of interaction with active shooters in various terrorism scenarios. It is an extremely safe method not only for the operators but also for the civilians involved.

We also provide a Job Placement Program for our graduates. Our extensive industry network ensures that our graduates are connected with the best job opportunities in the field, enabling them to kickstart their careers with confidence.


Issued by the SSCS Security Skills Certification Scheme


Counter Terror Tactical Firearms Instructor for working within the Private Security Industry


Counter Terror Tactical Firearms Instructor for working within the Private Security Industry - Israeli Procedures - Israeli Limited Penetration Method

SSCS Approved Centre

Security Skills Certification Scheme

GENIAX Worldwide proudly holds the status of an Approved Centre by the Security Skills Certification Scheme (SSCS), an esteemed non-governmental, international, and independent body. The SSCS operates as a certification authority within the Private Security Industry, ensuring individuals meet mandatory requirements for industry work.

Functioning both as a certification body and awarding body, SSCS issues professional badges to qualified individuals while designing, developing, and managing evaluation schemes leading to regulated qualifications.

Aligned with the British learning specifications of the Security Industry Authority (SIA), SSCS plays a crucial role in establishing industry standards.

The SSCS card-badges serve as vital proof of adequate training, certification, and licensing for individuals within the International Security Industry. These cards signify competence and proficiency, offering assurance to employers and clients alike.

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About Us

Risk Management Specialists

GENIAX Worldwide is a specialized consultation and services multinational. We provide military and police support services, strategic and tactical stability support, with turn-key mission solutions which ensure the safety and structured readiness of Governmental and Corporate ventures worldwide.

With a proven international reputation, built on over 20 years of direct experience, in operational missions in multiple sectors and in every level of risk, we are specialists in Risk Management, in the provision of consulting services and tactical and strategic support for government organizations and private individuals from all over the world.

We are leaders in the international market for training tactical firearms instructors with Israeli counter-terrorism procedures.

Pioneering Careers, One Instructor at a Time

GENIAX's Signature Training


Our commitment to your success begins the moment you land. Our dedicated personnel welcome you at the airport, ensuring a smooth transition. Your journey to excellence continues with transportation to your accommodations.

Upon arrival, you'll receive a bespoke welcome kit, thoughtfully curated to enhance your experience. Immerse yourself in our community during the welcome meeting, a pivotal introduction to the program. Here, you'll gain valuable insights and essential information.

Our meticulous logistics ensure that every aspect of your stay aligns with the high standards of GENIAX. From airport reception to accommodation and beyond, we orchestrate a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on your career training with confidence.

Therefore, considering the potential earning opportunities, the cost of this course can be seen as ridiculously low.

The investment can be recovered in a short time once the career is launched.

The best tactical courses

on the markeplace


Here are some of the topics covered

✅ Introduction to combat systems and the philosophy from which GENIAX and BUSHI Tactics were born.

✅ Introduction to the Israeli method and description of the parameters that distinguish GENIAX from other realities that teach the Israeli method in a superficial way.

✅ The right combat mindset in the context of counter-terrorism, third party protection, personal defense and security by extension.

✅ Safe handling of the firearm

✅ Tactical asset in our system

✅ Instinctive operational shooting

✅ Aiming and pointing shooting

✅ Shooting with one or two hands

✅ Condition of port and loading of the weapon;

✅ Static and dynamic shooting with multiple targets and in various positions: standing, kneeling, lying down;

✅ Shooting from inside and outside the car;

✅ Distinction between targets and civilians;

✅ Tactical movement, weapon management while running and tactical movement.

✅ Jam resolution, malfunction management.

✅ Stress management

✅ Multiple target engagement (45, 90, 180°) and distance management.

✅ Use of shelters and covers

✅ How to open corners in progress and during room clearing

✅ CQB room clearing with the ILP method

✅ The single operator in approaching the doors (type of doors, how to approach them, open and close them), windows, shelters and corners.

✅ The pair of operators approaching doors, windows, shelters and corners.

✅ Three operators in coordinated action

(only in the 5th level)

✅ Four operators in coordinated action

(6th level only)

✅ Surprise engagement exercises and simulations

✅ VIP protection concepts

✅ Advanced Methods: Aggressiveness, decisiveness, speed and precision

✅ Principles of Knife Combat (tactical use of the knife)

✅ Principles of Self Defense (operational personal defense)

✅ Vehicle CQB

✅ Exclusive tactical details

✅ Low-light and No-light Shooting tactics

15 OCTOBER - 1st NOVEMBER 2024


Second Edition


Just a Few Spots Available


✅ We provide the best solution for your needs, the most valuable training programs on the market. We have years of knowledge and experience that we bring to the table.

✅ Increasing your employability. We are one of the top companies in the World for providing special training solutions. We focus on giving you up-to-date knowledge and real-world experience, so you’ll be ready to launch into your career.

✅ Our expertise. Our instructors are experts internationally trained, who specialize in the field of VIP protection and Counter Terrorism who are still active Close Protection operatives at all levels of risk. So we are experts at what we do.

✅ Working in partnership. Some of our courses offer work placements with our partners. We're working with a number of companies in a wide range of relationships, from short-term tactical to long-term strategic partnerships offering vital opportunities to get your foot in the door.

✅ Our proven performance speaks for itself and makes our certifications highly requested by operational services companies worldwide.

✅ Our team of strategy consultants delivers pooled knowledge and skills obtained from direct participation at all levels of our company's major market. With extensive know-how and hands-on experience from Africa, The Middle East, Far East, Europe and The Americas to our clients.

✅ We’re relatively small compared to some of our competitors. This means we’re more nimble, more agileand more responsive to your needs and the demands of the markets. But being part of a much larger Network, we have significant resources behind us.

✅ Our transparency. What you see is what you get. Our clients appreciate our open, fair and upfront fee policy - they know exactly how much they’re paying, and what the charges include.

Put simply, if you want a partner who cares about your career choose GENI-AX.

Trust in our experience, your success is our success!

✅ Be smart ..... Be GENI-AX !

"Don't Just Dream of Success.

Make it a Reality with our

Exclusive Career Training Program"

Our comprehensive curriculum, business and entrepreneurship training, mentorship program, and job placement program set us apart from the competition and make our program a truly unique and invaluable experience.

✅ Our Career Training Program provides much more than just tactical firearms instruction. We also provide our students with an all-in-one Business Set-Up package that includes Ltd Company Registration, Legal Address, Bank Account, Online Payment Set-Up, and first-year Annual Tax Return. This ensures that our graduates have all the necessary tools to start their own successful firearms instruction business right after completing the program.

✅ Moreover, we also provide comprehensive 12-month Marketing Kit. This kit includes paid advertising campaigns, graphic design services, website set-up, and 12 months of website hosting. This ensures that our graduates have a strong online presence and are able to effectively market their services to potential clients.

✅ We provide 12 months of full assistance and support, including Geniax Associated Status and SSCS Approved Training Center status. These statuses not only give our graduates credibility in the industry but also provide them with a network of professionals and resources that they can tap into for ongoing support.

✅ We provide our graduates with a Business Strategy Kit that includes a range of resources and tools to help them develop and implement a successful business strategy. This includes guidance on pricing, digital marketing, client acquisition, business growth, and more.

Prerequisite Skills

✅ This course mandates prior training and/or experience in the field.

✅ Candidates must have successfully completed the Combined Firearms or HECPO course before attending.

✅ The GENIAX Counter Terror School welcomes active or former Law Enforcement or Military personnel to participate. Current MSO or PMC operatives are also eligible.

✅ Applicants are required to submit a valid criminal record check or its equivalent.

“Don't hesitate any longer!

Step into Greatness

GENIAX Exclusive Career Training Journey”

15 OCTOBER - 1st NOVEMBER 2024



Only a Few Spots Available

“Don't hesitate any longer!

Your Career, Your Legacy

GENIAX Exclusive Career Training Journey”


- an investment so ridiculously low for the priceless value it delivers. Elevate your future with a product that revolutionizes your journey to success -

This price is a launch offer valid for the second edition,

which will take place from October 1st to October 21st, 2024. The price will increase for the third edition.


GENIAX Exclusive Career Training Program




A PDF copy of your passport or two-sided ID.

✅ A valid criminal record check or equivalent documents (a valid military ID or valid SIA CP license). Alternatively, you can send us a "Self-Declaration on Criminal Background" downloadable from internet.

Documentation confirming your physical and mental fitness for the training (medical certificate from a family doctor/GP). Alternatively, you can send us a "Health Self Declaration Form".

✅ Flight/train/bus tickets for transportation arrangements or pick-up and drop-off services.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or proof of other private insurance.

“Don't hesitate any longer!

Your Career, Your Legacy

GENIAX Exclusive Career Training Journey”


- an investment so ridiculously low for the priceless value it delivers. Elevate your future with a product that revolutionizes your journey to success -

This price is a launch offer valid for the second edition,

which will take place from October 1st to October 21st, 2024. The price will increase for the third edition.


GENIAX Exclusive Career Training Program




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